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  • Hotline Red Kite Mains Energiser

Hotline Red Kite Mains Energiser

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  • Single output low cost mains energiser is ideal for paddocks and small holdings powering upto 20Km of fence line and is also suitable for electric netting

    • Mains input*
    • Wall mount
    • Pulse indicator

    This unit can realistically be expected to supply

    • Up to 20Km of wire, rope or tape
    • Up to  3  poultry / rabbit net
    • Up to  10  for sheep / goat nets


    Power Supply – mains supply
    Stored Joules: 1.6 j
    Output Joules: 1.4 j
    Output volts: 9.0Kv
    Output volts (under heavy load): 4.9Kv
    Max Recommended Distance: 20Km
    Pulse Indicator

    *Please note: unit must be housed indoors or in suitable waterproof enclosure as mains units are not suitable for outdoor use. HT lead (not included) will be required to connect the unit from indoors to the fence line and earth stake (also required but not included)

    Delivery charges to the UK
    Warranty - 3 years

  • For more information on delivery, measurements and more, visit our FAQ page.
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